By: Desmond Brown

A Bungalow Story

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I recently sold a bungalow in the Coxwell and Mortimer Avenues area, close to the hospital. It was in the same family for 75 years and the last occupant, an elderly gentleman, had recently passed away.     I have sold many homes for families who have owned properties for decades. When I arrive to speak with family members about selling, almost every one of them had been approached by a b...Read More

By: Desmond Brown

New Land Transfer Tax Rebate: Thanks for nothing! 

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  There has been much hoopla in the media recently since the provincial government announced it was increasing the rebate on land transfer tax for first time buyers. Almost all of the headlines read, "Provincial Government Gives $4,000 rebate of Land Transfer Tax to First Time Home Buyers".  A lot of my fellow realtors jumped on the media bandwagon and proclaimed that this was...Read More